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For suspending electrical, mechanical and signage products from a tensioned horizontal catenary wire

A 3.0mm or 4.0mm catenary wire is tensioned between two fixed points using Zip-Clips. The Zip-Grip wires can be attached to the horizontal wire at any point

Zip-Grips can be inverted to add extra support to the horizontal wire at strategic points

Very cost effective - major material and time savings

Create an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive installation

Supplied with KL100 Zip-Clips

Available up to 10m

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Product Code: Product Options: Quantity Length Safe Load Enter Quantity
R610-300 Zip-Grip 10 3m 35KG
R610-500 Zip-Grip 10 5m 35KG
R610-010 Zip-Grip 10 1m 35KG
R610-200 Zip-Grip 10 2m 35KG
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