Zip Clips

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Zip Clips

Wire suspension system for rapid installation of electrical, mechanical and HVAC services

Tool free installation with extremely simple height adjustment for levelling purposes

Ratchet cable grips which replace traditional wire rope grips

Finger operated release mechanism for easy adjustment

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Product Code: Product Options: Quantity Suits Wire Enter Quantity
R601-050 Zip Clips, 10Kg Safe Load, 100 Pck Qty 1 1.2mm
R601-100 Zip Clips, 50/75Kg Safe Load, 100 Pck Qty 1 2.0 & 2.5mm
R601-150 Zip Clips, 120Kg Safe Load, 50 Pck Qty 1 3.0mm
R601-200 Zip Clips, 230Kg Safe Load, 10 Pck Qty 1 4.0mm
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