Girder Clamps - Type A

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Girder Clamps - Type A - Recessed top to grip bolt head

Clamps for making high strength steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding

Commonly known as Lindapters or Beamclamps

Girder clamps should be used with the relevant packing pieces to ensure they are situated horizontally on the steel flanges

Each connection requires a location plate between the steels to hold the Girder Clamps in position

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Product Code: Product Options: Quantity To Suit Bolt Diameter Enter Quantity
N950-010 Girder Clamps, Tail Length 5mm 1 10mm
N950-012 Girder Clamps, Tail Length 6mm 1 12mm
N950-016 Girder Clamps, Tail Length 8mm 1 16mm
N950-020 Girder Clamps, Tail Length 10mm 1 20mm
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