Collared Eyebolts

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Collared Eyebolts

Zinc Plated

Tested and certified to give Safe Working Loads (SWL) as shown

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Product Code: Product Options: Quantity Thread Size Enter Quantity
N921-005 Collared Eyebolts, 25mm Eye Diameter, 230Kg SWL 1 M10 x 18
N921-006 Collared Eyebolts, 30mm Eye Diameter, 340Kg SWL 1 M12 x 22
N921-008 Collared Eyebolts, 35mm Eye Diameter, 700Kg SWL 1 M16 x 28
N921-010 Collared Eyebolts, 40mm Eye Diameter, 1200Kg SWL 1 M20 x 30
N921-004 Collared Eyebolts, 20mm Eye Diameter, 140Kg SWL 1 M8 x 15
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