Universal Decking Hanger

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Universal Decking Hanger

Fits the widest range or metal deck profiles - for all slots from 34-60mm wide and accommodates variations in the slots

Simple to install - click into the channel by hand and tighten the set screw

Robust design with good load bearing capacity

Suitable for Richard Lees:

Ribdeck AL

Ribdeck E60

Ribdeck 80


Suitable for Kingspan:

Multideck 60

Multideck 80


Suitable for CMF:

MetFloor 60

MetFloor 80


Suitable for SMD:



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Product Code: Product Options: Quantity Thread Size Load KG Enter Quantity
R889-010 Universal Decking Hanger 1 M10 150KG
R889-006 Universal Decking Hanger 1 M6 150KG
R889-008 Universal Decking Hanger 1 M8 150KG
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