Cable Basket Electro Zinc Plated 60 3m

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Cable Basket 60 3m

Speed - greatly reduced installation time over standard cable tray

Flexibility - any change of direction is very easily made making routing of installation much more felixble

Convenience - tray is cut and formed on site meaning no delays awaiting fittings and the ability to instantly amend design.

Lightweight - light and ideal for one man installation but with good load bearing characteristics

Electrical continuity - Electrolytic Bichromate finish to comply with BS-EN IS0 2081

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Width Depth Quantity Enter Quantity
T490-100 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 100mm 3000mm 100mm 60mm 1
T490-150 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 150mm 3000mm 150mm 60mm 1
T490-200 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 200mm 3000mm 200mm 60mm 1
T490-300 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 300mm 3000mm 300mm 60mm 1
T490-400 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 400mm 3000mm 400mm 60mm 1
T490-060 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 60 3000mm 60mm 60mm 1
T490-450 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 450 3000mm 450mm 60mm 1
T490-600 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 600 3000mm 600mm 60mm 1
T490-500 Cable Basket 3m 60 x 500 3000mm 500mm 60mm 1
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