Nylon Wallplugs

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Nylon Fixing Plug

Provides secure fixing in all building materials - aircrete, hollow bricks and blocks, solid brick or concrete.

Applications include:

Shelving and cabinets, suspended ceilings, switch boxes, trunking and cable trays, boilers, water heaters and radiators and many others.

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Diameter Quantity Enter Quantity
A031-008 Nylon Wallplug, 8 x 40mm 40 8 100
A031-010 Nylon Wallplug,10 x 50mm 50 10 100
A031-012 Nylon Wallplug,12 x 60mm 60 12 100
A031-014 Nylon Wallplug,14 x 75mm 75 14 100
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