WERA Screwdriver Bit Bi-Torsion Phillips 2 x 25mm

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WERA BiTorsion Phillips Insert Bit Diamond Coated

BDC series BiTorsion, diamond coated screwdriver bit.

Colour banded for identification.
The coating helps prevent cam out damage to the head of screws.
The material used also ensures longer life span.
Drive: 1/4In-hexagon, DIN 3126-E 6,3, ISO 1173.
Tip: DIN 5260-PH, ISO 8764-PH, Diamond coated.

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Quantity Enter Quantity
W821-021 Screwdriver Bit Bi-Torsion Pozi 2 x 25mm 141 1
W821-031 Screwdriver Bit Bi-Torsion Pozi 3 x 25mm 157 1
W821-011 Screwdriver Bit Bi-Torsion Pozi 1 x 25mm 127 1
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