Wrench Stillson Trade 24"

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Stillson Pattern Wrench

Stillsons have been designed to cope with the exacting needs of todays tradesman.
The handle and moving jaw of each stillson is forged from high quality steel which has been heat treated to ensure maximum strength.

The steel adjustment nut has been both hardened and tempered to promote longer life.

The dual coil springs on Faithfull Stillsons ensure that an instant grip of the pipe and a ratcheting action is achieved.

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Quantity Enter Quantity
H074-012 Wrench Stillson Trade 12" 12" 1
H074-024 Wrench Stillson Trade 24" 24" 1
H074-018 Wrench Stillson Trade 18" 18" 1
H074-014 Wrench Stillson Trade 14" 14" 1
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