WERA Combi Ratchet Spanner Set Wera 10-19mm 4 Pce

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WERA Joker Combi Ratchet Spanner Set of 4 in a Roll

Wera Joker is an innovative combination wrench with a unique jaw design. Its clever design means that it does everything that a conventional combination wrench does, and more. Made from durable chrome molybdenum steel and coated with corrosion resistant nickel-chrome, the Joker is a truly high quality wrench.

Advantages of the jaw end:

An innovative metal stop-plate means that the Joker can hold a fastener in position for screwdriving, making assembly easier and quicker.
An integrated limit stop acts as a depth stop to prevent the tool slipping off the fastener.
The jaw allows safe screwdriving, even at high torques, due to its extra hard and toothed gripping plate, which prevents slippage of the fastener and helps to eliminate rounding.
A reverse travel angle of 30° allows the wrench to be used in confined spaces, where a conventional open-end wrench cannot be used.

Advantages of the ratchet end:

Ultra-fine toothing, with 80 teeth, allows flexibility even in confined spaces.
Very long service life, even when used at high torque.

Set of 4 Joker spanners :10mm, 13mm, 17mm and 19mm, supplied in a tool roll.

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H071-500 Combi Ratchet Spanner Set Wera 10-19mm 4 Pce 10-19mm 4 Pce Set 1
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