BACHO Side Cutter 140mm

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BACHO Ergo Side Cutting Plier 140mm (5 1/2 in)

Bahco 2101G Series Side cutting plier with progressive edges designed to cut hard material such as piano wire close to the joint and to cut softer material as copper wire and plastic insulated wire at the tip.

They have an open joint, in which the distance from the joint centre to the cutting edges is reduced, results in greater leverage and increased cutting capacity. Progressive cutting edge which cuts hard material near the joint and soft materials at the tip. Round shaped jaws give improved accessibility in confined spaces. Equipped with a return spring featuring an on/off function.

Size: 140mm (5 1/2 in).

Cutting capacity:
Piano wire 1.8mm.

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H044-116 Bacho Side Cutter 140mm Side Cut 1
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