Polytop Nail

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Polytop Pins & Nails

Polytops plastic top pins and nails are most popular for use with PVCU fascias & soffits and wall claddings. Their outstanding quality means remedial work or rejects are much reduced, unlike other fasteners.

• Marine grade A4 stainless steel stem ensures no rust leaks even in outdoor applications
• Head will not snap or crack when hammered
• Annular ring shank ensures better grip
• Matching colours for major brand PVCU boards
• Colour will not fade easily, white guaranteed  

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Diameter Quantity Enter Quantity
C651-064 Polytop Pin White 40 x 1.9 40 1.9 100
C651-044 Polytop Pin White 25 x 1.9 25 1.9 100
C651-284 Polytop Nail White 65 x 3.3 65 3.3 100
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