Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs

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Stainless Steel Chemical Stud with Drive End, Nut and Washer.

Stainless steel chemical anchor studs are designed for use with chemical capsules and pump-in resins. These are coated in Stainless Steel for extra corrosion resistance. Pre-cut to length and come complete with nut and washer.

This range of studs has a shaped drive end for spinning in if they are being used with glass capsules.

Chemical anchors relies on the adhesion between the concrete and resin, which therefore gives an anchor that is free from expansion forces. This makes it an ideal choice where fixings are close to the edge and spacing distances small. It is very important the holes are clean and dry prior to insertion of the glass vial or pump in resin. Please order brushes and blow out pump seperatly.

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Diameter Quantity Enter Quantity
B651-452 Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs M8 x 110 110 8 100
B651-556 Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs M10 x 130 130 10 100
B651-662 Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs M12 X 160 160 12 100
B651-768 Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs M16 x 190 190 16 100
B651-874 Stainless Chemical Anchor Studs M20 X 260 260 20 100
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