Metal Window Anchor - Type NWA

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Window Frame Anchor - Steel Bright Zinc Plated Screw

An all nylon ‘through’ fixing plug with a plated and passivated steel woodscrew drilled to take a coloured cover cap. The nylon sleeve isolates the screw, preventing bimetal corrosion with aluminium. Specially designed for uPVC windows. May also be used for timber frames. Suitable for fixing into concrete and brick, including perforated brick. The screw takes a No.3 pozi bit.

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Product Code: Product Options: Length Diameter Quantity Enter Quantity
A151-450 Nylon Window Frame Anchor 8 x 100mm 100 8 100
A151-454 NWA 8X120 Nylon Window Anchors 120 8 100
A151-458 NWA 8X140 Nylon Window Anchors 140 8 100
A151-550 NWA Nylon Window Anchor 10 x 100 100 10 100
A151-554 NWA Nylon Window Anchors 10 x 120 120 10 100
A151-558 Nylon Window Frame Anchor 10 x 140mm 140 10 100
A151-563 Nylon Window Frame Anchor 10 x 165mm 165 10 100
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